About cloud computing local blind construction or ineffective investment

[China has more than and 30 local governments issued a cloud computing industry planning, and proposed land, taxation, funding and other aspects of preferential policies]

more than six years ago in August 2006, when Google CEO Eric · Schmidt in San Jose; search engine assembly for the first time from the commercial angle of "cloud computing" concept, it is not clear that it will go far, but today, at least in Chinese, because of the rapid development of a few years, even the report pointed out that some of the projects invested heavily in cloud computing, has become the "image project" and "land engineering".

January 21st, China cloud industry alliance by Beihang University, broadband capital and many other units in April last year launched the release of "cloud computing technology and industry white paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper"), the "white paper" in the affirmative since 2007 Chinese cloud computing industry rapid development, and facing great opportunities at the same time, also points out the problems of the industries such as YiHongErShang etc..

according to the "First Financial Daily reporters over the past 2 weeks of investigation, compared to the 2011 American public cloud market hardware investment ratio of 12.5%, China corresponding proportion is as high as 70%, another view is that the lack of application and combination of local blind cloud data center construction, more likely to lead to a new round of investment is invalid.

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Beijing "auspicious clouds plan", Tianjin "Xiangyun cloud computing platform"…… As a whole, the direction of development of information industry, the "white paper" pointed out that China currently has more than and 30 local government released a cloud computing industry planning, and put forward the land, taxation, financial and other aspects of preferential policies.

as early as October 2010, the State Council issued "on accelerating the fostering and development of strategic emerging industries", cloud computing has become one of the key areas of the development of a new generation of information technology industry, and take the lead in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Hangzhou five city as a pilot to carry out demonstration.

Beijing Municipal Commission by letter of software and information services director Jiang Guangzhi in December 12th last year, the "cloud computing world conference said that the project auspicious clouds is a global programme of action in Beijing cloud computing industry, the application for the first, to build Beijing into the world of cloud computing applications leading city, to calculate the reorganization Beijing IT industry chain through the cloud.

"the past two years have passed, I think we have made a good step in this regard, done a good accumulation. Today, we made 80 new products, has not been good in the end how much income, the initial estimate of the sales value of about about 10000000000 of the output value." Jiang Guangzhi said.

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Beijing Yizhuang International Investment Co., said in 2012, they invested in a cloud computing foundation, and the national development and Reform Commission and the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the national development and Reform Commission has invested 20 million yuan, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission voted.