About Baidu to stop most of the garbage station and the station to update a view

a few days ago to see an article titled in stationmaster net Baidu wits, has stopped most of the garbage station and site updates articles.

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is from the relevant author, we have obtained the permission of the author to quote the content:

through my days of observation, has confirmed that Baidu can start from 9 no longer grab suspected garbage station and a considerable number of small and medium-sized site low weight.

The reason is that Baidu

facing them quite a headache due to technical problems, CN domain name and cheap garbage station technology change rapidly, Baidu in the face of garbage station has been completely at a loss what to do, according to the situation of conventional blacklist mechanism cannot be reversed, but to take extreme would rather kill one thousand, can not let go of a strategy, black the list for the white list, first frozen most of the site updates, and refused to a certain extent included in the new site, and then screened from high weight site and routine operation of the forum site into the white list, the other will enter the blacklist, screening from stop…. As a consequence, a considerable part of the small "normal station" will be compromised, unable to get updates… I am in this bold conjecture, if Baidu continues this kind of strategy a week, will cause a burst of excitement in the webmaster circle!

Baidu CN discrimination has been inevitable, it is recommended to give up CN….

recently the new network ORG price to 15 yuan and the business of China’s COM price to the new registration of the 40 is very good, to give us more choice webmaster!!!

agrees with some of the ideas in this article, but there are still some areas that need to be specified.

Baidu SEO before Baidu has said that the algorithm is changing, but this algorithm is not from the beginning of 11.9, and Baidu’s algorithm to adjust the C is staged.

Baidu began to strengthen the audit for the new station in late August

, and enable the way to consider the new Sandbox. This period of time there are many webmasters are complaining about the new station included more and more difficult.

on this issue we can see my previous article Baidu August and September algorithm to adjust how to do the new Baidu SEO


in early October when Baidu began on the existing site greatly shocks, a lot of garbage station collapsed, while a considerable number of affected normal station. And a lot of owners have mentioned the repeated situation, which included the hair, and then again included in the hair again. Because we do not get the true news, so temporarily unable to determine the specific strategies used by Baidu.

but now Baidu SEO to give you the following recommendations:

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