Hotel booking network promotion experience

after more than 2 months of practice and summary, in the hotel booking network promotion (optimization) to master some experience and skills.

a, hotel reservation network features. In addition to the price increase, the Nuevo Hotel Hotel updates and users to comment on the hotel, hotel reservation is a pool of stagnant water. No activity site update on the search engine ranking and bring negative effects, therefore to optimize the hotel reservation to make hotel reservation move, only good can revitalize set up all hotel reservation, to actively promote the promotion of hotel reservation (optimization) pace.

two, hotel reservation network traditional promotion (optimization) method. The development of hotel reservation network has gone through 2 times.

1, a single booking era, such a single site content, almost the entire site is a hotel. No other auxiliary and related content modules. The optimization method of this kind of website generally uses the website structure optimization. Promotion means a single.

booking platform 2, diversification, this kind of website to join the ticket, destination, route, map and other related content, greatly improving the website vitality, introducing the related auxiliary content module for website promotion (optimization) has positive significance. This kind of website promotion means rich and colorful.

three, hotel reservation promotion (optimization) win method. Now the hotel reservation is the most diversified platform promotion (optimization) method is very much, today said several promotion (optimization) win method.

1, thematic promotion (optimization). Thematic promotion method is mainly related to the hotel to make a special form of promotion, the main direction is as follows:

(1) Trade Seminar

(2) holiday special topic

(3) area, business district

2, activity promotion (optimization). The activity promotion method mainly adopts the method of discount and customer feedback, the main direction is as follows:

(1) holiday promotions.

Nuevo Hotel (

) (2).

(3) Hotel offers.

3, hotel reservation network hotel shop style promotion method. It is about this: the key to optimize the site in the hotel made with independent 3 level domain name shops form, shops and orders data call does not maintain and operate independently, all references to reduce the background of the traditional site maintenance work and improve efficiency. (contributed by