May global operating system market share of the dispute Windows 7 super 50%

IDC network ( on 11 August 06 reports: according to market research firm Net Applications latest data show that in May, Windows 7 market share rose to 50.06% for the first time, half of the country occupied the global operating system market, officially boarded the dominant position. But once the dominant Windows XP share is unable to reverse the decline, continued to decline to 25.27%.

  (Figure 1) May operating system market share map

as shown in Figure 1, in May, Windows’s share of the global operating system market is still far ahead, reaching 91.63%, compared with last month, an increase of 0.83%. While Mac OS Linux and X, their share fell to 7.17%, respectively, of 1.2%.

(Figure 2) from 2013 to 2014 half of the global operating system version share chart

IDC comments on the network observation in Figure 2 to understand, in this half year period (December 2013 to May 2014), Windows 7 showed a good rise, especially after February, the share of Windows 7 increased rapidly until May, its share has reached 50.06%, occupy half of the country’s global operating system.

Windows XP and former overlord in February after a sharp decline, as of May, the share has dropped to 25.27%, and is expected to decline has been unable to restore.

  (Figure 3) May global operating system version of the market share of TOP10

according to figure 3, shows that in May the global version of the operating system market share in World War II, Windows there are 5 versions into the top ten list, 4 of which occupy the throne of the top 4, respectively is Windows 7, XP, 8.1, 8. Among them, Windows 8.1 in May exceeded the Windows 8, successfully seize the top three seats. The Windows 8 fell to fourth.

addition Mac OS X there are 4 versions of the queue into the top ten, compared with last month, no change.