Chinese electricity supplier one half is seawater half flame

recently, some domestic media put forward the "Chinese electricity into the winter" point of view, coupled with the early CEO an electricity supplier of the electricity supplier is not the business of making money bubble "remarks in the electricity business caused great repercussions. However, the latest report of a newspaper is telling us that the field of tourism, group buying and O2O seems to be attracting a huge investment in venture capital. This let us have to think: what is China’s e-commerce has entered the winter?

first, Jingdong to abandon the full range of free shipping is winter?

I always dare not to jump to conclusions on many issues, see today Sina’s first news "the cost of electricity providers encounter winter: Jingdong to give up the free shipping mall", I still think this conclusion is correct or not.


indeed, given the notice mentioned in the mall Jingdong "from November 25, 2011 to 39 yuan less than the amount of orders received 5 yuan freight", the reason given is to ensure the quality of delivery service, so that consumers get more high-quality distribution services, Jingdong mall will refer to industry practices".

I checked Dangdang, its current distribution policy is basically 29 yuan free shipping". Who is the practice of the industry? How much is the bottom line of the free shipping costs before the free shipping when the words are good to go?

of course, maybe we have to understand the electronic commerce industry, behind the bustling bright distress. In addition, the recent music Amoy network CEO Sheng on a electricity supplier scam, the speech caused great shock in the industry. He believes that the surface prosperity of electronic commerce industry, but actually is a serious loss leader, is a non profitable mode. At the same time, he urged his colleagues to calm down to return to the essence of business, is to make money.

there is evidence that the adjustment of Jingdong Liu Qiangdong these policies are more or less affected by the distribution of Sheng Sheng speech. Before the Jingdong distribution pricing policy adjustment, once Liu Qiangdong micro Bo said: "I want to scold you tonight! Oh……", and Liu Qiangdong believes that Bi Sheng said "every sentence is the truth" and "the midnight sleepless night of excitement, Bi Sheng brother central speech, every sentence is the truth!" perhaps Liu Qiangdong thought and feeling, Bi Sheng Liu Qiangdong may find Similarly afflicted people pity each other., as the theoretical basis to adjust shipping policy.

two, half water, half flame is


sounds above letao Bi Sheng speech and Jingdong store policy adjustment, really make people feel Chinese e-commerce coolness, and even wind waves, but it seems that this area is not a lack of boom, and group purchase O2O areas to attract venture capital amount may say this problem.

according to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported: the high financing scale, exacerbated by investors and entrepreneurs on the electricity supplier bubble burst into the winter concerns. However, in the winter approaching, >