China Post mobile payment service base settled in Chongqing

daily economic news reporter Xie Zhenyu from Chengdu

post boss China Post, is expected to exceed the total amount of the transaction has exceeded 10 trillion yuan in the field of mobile payment in the Internet share".

day before, China Post plans to invest 100 million yuan to build an electronic payment service base, force the mobile phone and Internet payment. It is reported that the people’s Bank of China Chongqing has accepted the application of the management department.

in this regard, Wu Chunyong financial industry experts pointed out that this shows that China post at the start of the third party payment field force, Internet and mobile payment market prospects, especially in the rapidly growing field of mobile payments, the demand is being stimulated. However, several giant Alipay in this area has been the dominant force in this regard, Chinese post will face challenges."

build service base layout

June, China Post has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba, the two sides will cooperate in logistics, electricity providers, finance and other fields, a month later, China Post intends to force the Internet mobile payment.

it is understood that the China Post plans to invest 100 million yuan to build an electronic payment service base, force the mobile phone and Internet payment, China postal group as the main body of the investment, the people’s Bank of China China Chongqing business management department has accepted the application.

people’s Bank for information announcement, Chinese Post Group invested 82 million yuan, accounting for 82%; Chongqing postal company invested 9 million yuan, accounting for 9%; the Shaanxi Post Company invested 9 million yuan, accounting for 9%, office located in Chongqing.

it is reported that the company intends to apply for the type of payment services for the Internet payment and mobile phone payment, business coverage for the country; payment business related systems used by the company to develop an independent, fully vested in the ownership of the company.

move was regarded as the post of the world’s postal distribution of China’s third party payment field. By building such a platform for the Internet to do a mobile payment entrance." Financial industry experts, triple play editor Wu Chunyong analysis, China Post to take or will be able to obtain third party payment qualification.

China post why suddenly announced to build Internet mobile payment platform, Internet analyst Chen Shou sent out another possibility. Post has an electricity supplier platform, but the postal itself did not have the corresponding payment of qualifications." Chen Shousong believes that the idea of the postal service or its e-commerce platform to provide payment services.

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that the electricity supplier ule platform jointly built by Chinese post and TOM group, the main sales of brand clothing, bags and shoes etc.. China Post Holdings 51%.

no qualifications, do not have the Internet, mobile payment capabilities." Chen Shou said that the next application down the appropriate qualifications, China postal service or more emphasis on their own electricity supplier business. Currently, the third party payment market prospects are generally optimistic. < >