Windows Marketing Director Windows 8 listed on the first month of the sale of 40 million licenses


Tami · (TechWeb pictures); Reire

[TechWeb] reported on November 28th news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft CFO and Windows marketing director Tammy · (Tami Reller); Reire said recently, Windows 8 has been listed since October 26th, has sold 40 million copies of the license agreement.

compared to Windows 740 billion is a good score. Data show that, after the listing of Windows 2009 in late 7, just the first 10 weeks of sales of just over 60 million.

, however, Lai did not disclose how much of the 40 million license agreement is a system upgrade license, how much is equipped with Windows 8 hardware license to sell. The new female executives just claimed that the system upgrade to a larger proportion of authorized. This ratio sounds reasonable, because the system will be upgraded to Windows 8 for $40, and equipped with a Windows 8 hardware products less than hundred dollars.

in fact, the sale of 40 million license agreement does not mean that there are already 40 million users to upgrade to Windows 8. Because part of the license agreement is sold to PC vendors. According to StatCounter, a research firm, only about 1% of the world’s roughly 1 billion 500 million private computers, the, run Windows – 8. (small peak)