Webmaster contest of the latest games reported

        webmaster contest is the monopoly network (www.cokoo.com) and stationmaster net (www.admin5.com) first China webmaster to create a joint stock market simulation contest. The game starts on October 8th and ends on November 23rd.

        this session of the contest is to enrich the webmaster webmaster amateur life, let all the webmaster can relax in the intense work, experience the fun stock market simulation. Nearly 400 people have participated in the competition.

        nervous heartbeat now stationmaster contest entries in the strong fluctuations in the stock market and those in a week, in this week’s game is really stimulating or someone. And on Friday after the closure of the ranking statistics, ranked in the top three are "mayangyi" (the total assets of the game: 131213.95), "ycmk" (the total assets of the game: 123632.96), "888" (total assets: 112677.86). And ranked fourth in the "lijunwu5396" and the "888" of the total assets of only a difference of more than and 300, the gap is quite small. And "lijunwu5396" can catch up with "888"? "888" and can keep the position of the third? It’s going to be next week.

        in fact, now that the ranking is a little early, after all the game only a week from the time there are more than a month end of the game, this time more than a month what is likely to happen, now the first row may be the last and final now perhaps the first row. So the contestant is absolutely not let down, to be vigilant. Do not get a good ranking do not have to lose heart, because there is a chance. All in all not to the end, it’s not to say!

        and this session of the contest prize webmaster is quite rich, first can be obtained by a digital camera, second can get a NOKIA mobile phone, the 3-12 winners can get 100 yuan face value of mobile Mobile Recharge Card, No. 13-22 main can be obtained the virtual network of investment gold 100 thousand millionaire. In view of this monopoly network and network owners to this time the contest is very important.

        to the webmaster contest report is completed, finally I wish everybody can get a good result!

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