Daily topics Ali into the sports section of nternet sports burn war

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 14th news last week, the Alibaba announced the establishment of Ali group sports group, the newly established Sports Group owned by the Alibaba Ali group, Sina and Yunfeng fund jointly funded. Zhang Dazhong, former vice president of SMG Ali sports CEO, Alibaba group CEO will serve as chairman Ali sports.

in the sports industry, the battle for the tournament copyright starting the earliest, several years ago, Sina, Tencent and PPT  V in the Premier League, the Champions League and N  B  copyright for A and other top events have been more intense. From the beginning of 2014, the policy area of the sports industry is clear, Wanda, music, as well as Tencent have been heavily hit, competition into the white hot stage.

in the Internet era, the purpose of copyright wars, is to create user portal. However, after the user is imported and how to stay on the platform and continue to consume, is a more critical step. Copyright wars may decide how to cut the cake, but how to eat cake, a user war will be decisive.

Ali into the sports industry has long been clues. In June last year, the Alibaba shares to 1 billion 200 million yuan Hengda football club, the team won the AFC Champions League 50% stake; May of this year, Ma’s Yunfeng fund to participate in the sports LETV A+ round of financing; the same month, Ali signed sponsorship of Parke and twelve alliance, NCAA in China to obtain the exclusive rights to broadcast the events.

Ma Yun bluntly, sports economy will be one of the key areas of investment ali. It is reported that health and happiness is the two strategic direction of the future layout of Ali, and the sports industry is the direction of the gold intersection of these two".

As for how to operate the

sports group, Ali said, all parties will integrate the electricity supplier, media, marketing, video, home entertainment, smart devices, cloud computing and big data financial platform, formed by the fusion of a through event operations, copyright, media, business, ticketing and other aspects of the development of ecological industry, with professional sports the industrial team, explore the Internet consumer participation mode, innovation industry downstream linkage, promote the upgrading of the entire industry.

Cai Chongxin in an interview with the media, Ali explained the reasons for the layout of the sports business. First, the spirit of sports and Ali’s corporate culture consistent. Sports need organizational discipline and teamwork, the need to advance the basic skills, which is consistent with the requirements of Ali’s internal staff. Second, sports related to young people, young people are the future. Ali pays attention to the cultivation of young people. Third, Ali is moving towards internationalization, sports is a part of it, especially in the United States, foreign countries have a lot to learn in this area.

With the

and then drop a child in the sports business, health, Ali Ali pictures, music and sports Ali Ali, Ali group in the cultural industry pattern also gradually clear. Cai Chongxin said Ali’s goal is to serve more people and customers, the future does not rule >