The rebate rebate network and the core difference lies in whether the charges

recently "Fujian 100 mall", "the Wenzhou business alliance", "Pacific direct purchase" and a number of illegal sites under the banner of "rebate" quanqian activities frequently traced to the largest online shopping, let’s first venture investment return is one of the "rebate network platform" and the third party rebates shopping guide industry innocent gun. The day before the "rebate network" the official micro-blog issued a questionnaire which is renamed, rumors outside the rebate network was discredited, in order to get rid of negative influence to its industry. Therefore, the "rebate network" CEO Ge Yongchang in Beijing in June 19th the media conference for the first time to respond, and tell users to distinguish true and false rebate mode its essence difference is whether the charges.

bad sites in MLM door "disaster" rebate network "

days ago, Fujian million shopping network failures, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and under the "million shopping" website on June 12th on suspicion of a crime MLM organization and leadership, and close. Previously, Suzhou 100 and shopping rebate site has been Suzhou police shut down. These illegal pyramid sites are under the banner of "rebate network" under the banner of misappropriating activities, resulting in "innocent gun rebate network".

rebate network why lying in the gun? I understand that "rebate network" which is a proprietary brand word is mistaken for online shopping return now industry word into the public and the media in the industry view, when there are several bad websites play the "rebate network" under the banner of suction gold, will lead to the regular "rebate network" lying in the gun.

friends behind "the rebate network" CEO said firmly not renamed

day before the rebate network released a survey on its official micro-blog. Users see the "rebate network" public need to investigate whether the name, speculation after lying in the gun, it changed its name to the rebate network as a warning for the future? For a time, "rebate network" to get rid of the negative news for the news was renamed raise a Babel of criticism of network upload. The face of outside speculation, "the rebate network" CEO Ge Yongchang first response said firmly not renamed renamed the storm. At the same time, published a survey data show that users behind attitude, 89% members chose "no change", the reason is is not afraid of the shadow oblique, 11% members chose the "change", the reason is the innocent gun, zirendaomei.

he further said, as in the electronic commerce important guide link, "rebate network will continue to focus on" depending on its unique services to attract a large number of online shopping membership, with the electricity supplier website pay cooperation mode has greatly reduced the promotion of low cost electricity supplier website and risk. For consumers, the electricity supplier websites and

rebate network win-win situation!

he said, "the rebate network" will continue to improve the user experience. For example, the first game of the rebate, the rebate will up to 20% users; an account type open up more business platform; new coupons trading platform, users can freely exchange.

is the core of whether fees rebate mode difference