Report said half of the site has been closed

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center recently released "2012 annual China network group purchase market data monitoring report" shows that as of the end of 2012, the national total birth group purchase website 6177, of which 56% of the group purchase website has been closed". The report warns that the feedback rate is still low, the quality of service needs to be improved.

China e-commerce research center is headquartered in Hangzhou, third party e-commerce research institutions. The latest release of the report shows that in 2012 the full year, China’s online shopping market turnover reached 34 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 61%. The full year, the number of the group purchase market showed "N" trend, industry consolidation trend gradually, along with the rapidly growing popularity of mobile Internet, the fourth quarter began to rise in the number of offered.


report also has carried on the analysis to the group purchase nearly 50% users, according to user group purchase units for white-collar workers, aged 25 to 29 years of group purchase accounted for 45% of users; all users with bachelor degree users accounted for relatively high, reaching 40%.

Another trend is that the proportion of mobile Internet Group

significantly increased. The report shows that in 2012 the life of the mobile Internet service group buying transactions surged 27 times last year, the proportion of mobile transactions accounted for more than 15% of total transactions in the network to buy.


report also reminded, compared to the previous group purchase complaints situation, 2012 complainees enterprises are relatively concentrated, indicating that the industry reshuffle has eliminated a large number of enterprises, but the total annual network group purchase complaints remain high.

assistant analyst Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center Yao Jianfang believes that in recent years, the network group purchase industry from the rapid development to the closure of a large number of today’s user experience is essential. Network group purchase industry due to low barriers to entry, especially for the small dragons and fishes jumbled together, group purchase website, not according to the agreed refund, goods not board, service has frequently appeared, and even some phishing sites launched false group purchase activities, after receiving the "disappeared", is worth vigilance. If you want to buy the site in the battle of thousands of people stand out, improve the user experience is still the key. (reporter Zhang Yao)