Warn those who want to get rich website owners

      now the webmaster is not the old webmaster, remember in 2000 when he has a few static web page display on the network feel good scenery. Today, even if there is a so-called website other people feel very normal. More than hundreds of millions of Chinese webmasters, the site is more like ants. If you want to be a leader, you have to pay a lot of effort and cost.

      remember to open the webmaster in Chongqing, and a few webmaster friends eat together. One of my friends called me and his website, I was careful to listen to his words, asked him what a good idea. He started out as a "good 123" as an example. Say "good 123" is full of static web site to sell tens of millions, and then take the GJJ for example, said a garbage site (GJJ at the meeting said his station is rubbish station, so the friend borrowed his words.) It also received hundreds of thousands of liquidated damages. Then I asked him what he was going to do? Do you have any plans? He replied that we do a web site. I refused to hear him here, and I’m not talking to him.

      note: "hao123" I remember correctly, when sold to BAIDU ALEXA ranked 5, and monthly income of more than 1 million. Baidu invested 50 million yuan, plus part of the acquisition of Baidu equity. Why is HAO123 the first to grab the opportunity, although the webmaster had to do when the station is inside the cafe to do HAO123, but others do not need the majority of Internet users and the web site, may be at that time many people only know that HAO123 and BAIDU do not know. Later, the acquisition of GJJ website station and many people make sure that the network of gold. Explain the GJJ:GJJ web site program is to site in IP to calculate, if your site in IP, then your website will be a reality in more obvious position. Although the program is not so perfect, but many of their own learning and GJJ. (I feel very powerful GJJ, to learn from him) and later the company wants to buy GJJ, the results of the acquisition was not successful, the other party paid 10 of the tens of thousands of liquidated damages. GJJ IP are mostly from the auspicious and other free movie website. If I look at the right, auspicious networks to GJJ has 10 thousand IP, and the GJJ back to the auspicious IP even less than 5000. GJJ should be said to have begun to retreat road. There are 265 site navigation, this is not to say, others take money to hit out, if you have the money, you can also hit several cattle B stand out. (that is my view, please don’t care if they want.) and tens of thousands of small web site will not say.

      do anything to compete, if you have a wealth of knowledge, or you have a strong financial backing, or your energy