Jingdong hand Q shopping portal will be distributed 1 billion yuan on the red line tomorrow

[Abstract] not long ago, WeChat also launched online shopping portal Jingdong, which will greatly enhance the turnover of its mobile terminal.


technology news (Le Tian) August 7th news, Jingdong announced today that the Jingdong QQ mobile phone shopping entrance will be officially launched in August 8th, Jingdong recently announced the launch of the Jingdong in August QQ mobile phone shopping festival: all kinds of red envelopes activities through mobile phone synchronization, QQ has sent to the consumer a total value of 1 billion yuan red Jingdong.

Jingdong QQ mobile portal will launch a super cost-effective, playing big, shopping street three channels. The super value through the main channel will push the panic buying, cost of goods, as early as the night market operating mode; "Poser" channel is to focus on the flagship brand, to create a theme package reputation; "guangdaijie" channel is the personality Taohuo family, the main push for pre-sale, starter, novelty, CO star, member privilege, seasonal activities and other forms hot commodity.

previously, Jingdong in the entrance of WeChat has been on the line, the newly added shopping entrance located in WeChat’s discovery interface, and friends circle, games and other functions tied for the first entrance of WeChat.

as early as Jingdong and Tencent announced on March 10th after the strategic cooperation, the two sides have been confirmed in the field of mobile electricity providers to establish cooperation. WeChat and mobile QQ Jingdong shopping portal means that the product level cooperation has taken shape.

has previously said the analysis, along with the Jingdong and WeChat QQ mobile phone access application, the next few months, expected turnover of Jingdong from the mobile terminal will be greatly improved, will also enhance the Jingdong’s overall turnover, which will be the Jingdong to achieve turn overtaking opportunity.