CN was a massive attack suspected of network Gang hit the field

China’s top domain name ".CN" is being hit by the biggest cyber attack in history. On the morning of August 25th, ".CN" by the network after the attack, the hacker attacks have lasted more than 1 days, has not yet found who is an attacker.

".CN" domain name department Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) executive director Li Xiaodong said, the biggest feature of this attack is the use of a large flow attack, the flow is hundreds of times the normal traffic, so that part of the ".CN" domain access is affected in the local area.

daily economic news reporter noted that with the event fermentation, network security has become a major issue on the agenda. Insiders believe that the attack shows the rampant network Gang, which has begun to harm the public interest, and the corresponding means of containment is relatively short.

China’s top domain name was attacked

at around midnight on August 25th, DNSPOD founder Wu Hongsheng received a phone call from colleagues, said the company’s monitoring software issued a warning, the domestic Internet node suffered DD0S attacks. At first, Wu Hongsheng does not care, similar to the DDOS attack every day will encounter more than and 20, for professional DNS service providers, these are homely food.

, however, less than half an hour, Wu Hongsheng feel some unusual situation, because the attack against the DNS server to resolve links, in addition to the company’s DNSPOD server can be monitored, the root server CNNIC also encountered the same attack. Wu Hongsheng quickly went to the office room to monitor the scene and found that the root of the.CN authorized DNS full failure, all CN domain names are not resolved, he quickly issued an emergency notice on the website.

1:30 or so, Wu Hongsheng communicate with the CNNIC that,.CN root server has been attacked failure, and has been unable to access. CNNIC is launching an emergency plan to deal with. At this point, DNSPOD began to have some customers call to ask why the network failure. Wu Hongsheng called a number of colleagues, began to prepare for cyber attacks.

According to

CNNIC at 3 pm through the official micro-blog users to release informed that: August 25th at 0 o’clock in the morning, the national DNS nodes by denial of service attacks, the center disposal, to 2 pm, service recovery. According to the daily economic news, ".CN" domain name is China’s top domain name, in the domestic registration management belongs to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), for ordinary individuals open application.

, according to Wu Hongsheng revealed that in the case of the root server attacks, distributed throughout the country by the recursive server cache TTL way to improve the emergency response. 2:40 Xu, in the role of recursive cache,.CN access in the gradual recovery. The attack was only domestic