Huang Taiji hungry strategic investment will focus on the supply chain and the development of new P

Abstract: platform and content side of a marriage


news today, Huang Taiji announced the hungry investment strategy, the specific amount of founder Huang Taiji said he Chang said, the two sides will depth in food safety, food supply chain cooperation in areas such as investment, build an ecological takeaway.

Huang Taiji since the beginning of last year focused on the central kitchen to build, in the vicinity of the center of the downtown area to choose a relatively low rent, larger than the size of the store operating space, the establishment of the terminal factory store. These factory stores can provide semi-finished products for the cooperation of the processing services and self logistics services. The first time he Chang had 36 Kr said, now takeaway platform pattern has been set, they will with these platforms, the depth of excavation in the end of the supply chain, to become the third party supply chain platform, and constantly create new IP.


Huang Taiji reached a cooperation with hungry, will be conducive to the full use of Huang Taiji hungry platform advantages, promote Huang Taiji in the takeaway brand, safety, food content, front capacity and marketing ability.

He Chang also said that the introduction of hungry strategic investment, for Huang Taiji, there is a conversion perspective, the importance of exploring new directions. Huang Taiji will no longer only based on their own look at the problem, but to serve the entire ecological point of view to develop, to layout. In the future, Huang will be more focused on the supply chain integration, as well as richer and higher quality food and beverage IP R & D.

it is understood that the strategic investment, hungry will offer exclusive agent and Huang Taiji’s all brand products, to strengthen the food supply in the white-collar crowd, hungry on the platform of food safety frequency controversial when using the Huang Taiji brand to consolidate the status of hungry in the field of white-collar takeaway the.