Jingdong out fake new whip you think 1 million penalty is enough

news March 24th, billion state power network exclusive executive vice president of the blue ye Jingdong group on the 23 day to the mining sales department and the business operations of the internal mail, the mail said, with the implementation of the new "advertisement law", the Jingdong group will be involved in the false and illegal advertising third party merchants to increase control.

Jingdong overwhelmed overwhelmed by the intensity of control. Billion state power network that, in this regard, the Jingdong set up a double punishment measures, including new blacklist programs, focus on:

1, within one year of two and above the administrative punishment of the partners will be Jingdong blacklisted, in addition to 500 thousand economic penalties, deduct the full guarantee money, repaying all the procurement of goods, within 3 years no longer cooperate with Jingdong.

2, Jingdong will be the state administrative organs filing penalties information published in the apparent position of illegal shops, while the illegal business for commodity search drop right, which is not allowed to attend the 618, double 11 Jingdong such as large-scale promotional activities.

blue Ye stressed in the message, involving illegal businesses, will actively cooperate with law enforcement departments to provide detailed and accurate information and evidence, to ensure that illegal businesses transfer the case with the working efficiency and quality.

is the problem nipped in the initial stage, the Jingdong has also proposed several management measures, including with all partners signed "business integrity undertaking" for partners to provide legal training and examination as well as the Jingdong internal management system of training and examination.

Jingdong previously learned billion state power network, have developed "Zhengyang gate" page audit system, at present already in the system embedded in a sensitive word filtering and OCR image recognition technology, can realize the free goods automatic audit function, the problem and the suspected problem goods automatically to the auditor push recognition results then, by artificial processing.

previously in selling businesses, Jingdong has taken huge fines (a fine of 1 million) and permanently closed shop penalties, and in 2016 the "3.15" international consumer protection day, Jingdong has not yet appeared in the CCTV named list.


experts said the move should be the government began to gradually strengthen the Jingdong advertising law enforcement of the signal, it is recommended to strengthen the grasp of advertising business law.

the following is the full text of the message:

all sales and business operations management brothers:

just past "3.15" is the thirty-fourth international consumer rights protection day, in order to protect the interests of consumers, in order to allow consumers to get the perfect customer experience in Jingdong, we work overtime, fighting in a line, made an outstanding contribution to the maintenance of the company’s brand reputation.

Jingdong has always been adhering to the "zero tolerance for fakes" business philosophy, for which we started in 2013