Google PageRank decryption four

  Google–PageRank decryption (four)    

14.  website internal structure and connection  

15.  Google says  

16.  concluding remarks    

fourteen: internal structure and connection of   website;

A: website internal page  

finished "external links", let’s take a look at the internal links". If PageRank is determined by the quality and quantity of the vote, then we can immediately draw an important conclusion of the relationship between the site and the chain PageRank:  

website each have been included in Google’s internal web (within the chain) are on the site of a vote, but vote amount is small. Thus, if a web site can have more internal pages have been included in the Google, it is possible to get more votes.  

Two: the internal structure of the & site of the   connection;

website there are three kinds of internal connection, should be combined with the construction of the use of three kinds of connection mode of website. Suppose that a site from the "home", "about us" page, "products" and "more information" page of the four page, through the table we can see that each structure impact on the site and degree of PageRank.  

  under the premise of not considering the external link factors, we can see that the class hierarchy (Hierarchical-Like) can change the PageRank distribution of the web page. Note that what we mean is not necessarily a hierarchical structure in the strict sense, but it must be better than a loop knot;