5 consecutive years the number of Chinese start ups doubled growth

a number of surveys show that China has begun to enter the entrepreneurial force burst. At present, China start-ups growth rate to make the world wonder, the initiatives have to follow the Chinese attracted countries, with businesses to alleviate the increasingly downward economic downturn.

Chinese although the economy is still facing greater downward pressure, but in the "promote public entrepreneurship, innovation" policy, the emerging start-ups and let people see the new power of economic development is booming.

"this clearly issued a series of government and Chinese" promote public entrepreneurship, innovation ‘initiatives are closely related, at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading of the China are trying to become entrepreneurial country." China Enterprise Institute chief researcher Li Jin said.

out of nearly 1 years of policy can be found, entrepreneurial innovation is the high frequency of keywords. In January this year, the State Council executive meeting to determine the public record to support the development of space propulsion mass innovation policies and measures; March "on the development of the public record of space propulsion mass innovation and entrepreneurship guidance" issued the "opinions"; in June the State Council on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples issued some policies and measures……

the unprecedented policy efforts for people interested in Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the people are full of excitement. surfing. A venture 8 years, the successful promotion of enterprises listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange entrepreneurs said with emotion.