Guangxi open up venture supermarket to promote entrepreneurship

in today’s society is a pioneering period, in such a business era, all promote some entrepreneurial activities in the way, in Guangxi recently set up venture supermarket such a platform to promote entrepreneurship.

items have been included in the project library, to go through the business review, publicity, and management in accordance with the related regulations. The project is adopted, the employment services sector will provide project promotion, policy consulting, entrepreneurship training, business guidance, tracking support, and assist in the handling of entrepreneurial loans, social security subsidies, tax relief and other related services.

it is reported that entrepreneurial projects include independent management, partnership, franchising, consignment, patent technology, technology development and other kinds of business forms. Start the project repository will focus on urban registered unemployed college graduates, self employment of demobilized cadres, self employment of retired soldiers, rural surplus labor groups to provide more business opportunities.


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