This noodle shop business why so popular

noodles this cosmopolitan delicacy, is popular in many countries, so it is also open to the noodle shop all over the country. Many countries have a very large number of noodle shop, how to let guests this also will become more numerous shopkeepers are concerned about the problem, while a noodle business is really hot or not, this is why?

we usually go to the noodle shop to eat noodles, a bowl of it that are already full. Can this noodle shop, eat a bowl of noodles you cannot eat, must eat enough to bowl eight. This is called "EightBoatNoodle" shop, as can be seen from the name, it must let you eat eight bowls of noodles.

of the Kampuchea Museum – "EightBoatNoodle", from the decoration to the opening for less than three weeks time. But since it opened, the store has been in a state of "All seats are occupied.". A less than 30 square meters of small noodle why so fire?

The secret of

‘s success this noodle shop had the five!

create new styles of LOGO

first, in the design of the LOGO, the Kampuchea museum design is indeed create new styles. LOGO such as the name, is composed of eight stacked together in a bowl. White black, especially simple and generous.

simple and generous store design

The design of

store as LOGO, is particularly generous and elegant, store decoration although not luxurious but delicate, tables and chairs but clean and neatly placed, to let diners feel very comfortable and comfortable.

8 bowl! Is the real protagonist

"EightBoatNoodle" is the protagonist of course eight bowls of noodles! Here, a bowl of noodles sold only 0.5 dollars, at first glance is not very cheap. But here, no matter how small your appetite, a bowl of noodles is absolutely not enough to eat a bowl of noodles, because there are only a few mouth.

is a small piece of meat, a meatball, plus some vegetables like a bowl of noodles! Don’t look at the sell what can soup were good to eat fresh, diners have commented, "very suitable for local people’s taste, relatively thick soup, a little sweet." We are not now that the "8 bowl" meaning? You can calculate how much to eat what to eat.

there is only one surface to facilitate your choice!

another advantage of this noodle shop is its