More than 2 women in Chongqing to embark on the road through policy support

female entrepreneurship has been a hot topic in society, however, influenced by the traditional trend of thought, many people are not optimistic about female entrepreneurship. But the construction of human civilization can not be separated from the women’s pay, female entrepreneurship will become, should also become an important part of China’s future innovation and entrepreneurship.

"around the precise poverty, women’s Federation and financial institutions launched the" women’s treasure "guaranteed loans for rural women entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs to solve the poverty problem of shen." Ding Zhongping said, to support the rural poor women industry development in Three Gorges Reservoir Area Women’s entrepreneurship cycle gold "and" poor mother fund "and" Chongqing sister-in-law "women’s poverty alleviation ecological aquaculture projects are in circulation to help the local women to get rich.

"for women to do practical things, solve problems, it is necessary for them to send, send culture skills." Ding Zhongping said that skills training is urgently needed for women, but also an important way for organizations to help women achieve their own development. In 2015 the Chongqing women’s Federation held a total of 492 skills training sessions, let 310 thousand people benefit women. Through the development of women’s electricity supplier industry survey research, the implementation of thousands of rural women electricity supplier leader program, led to more women to shift employment, self employment, flexible employment at home.

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