Paper books VS who actually get the upper hand

Electronic Science and technology of the rapid development of the industry, once considered a book there is no market, the future is doomed to suffer a big, be replaced by e-books. But five years later, the paper books did not die, the e-book market did not expect the fire.

2008 to 2010 is the reader from paper books to embrace e-books for two years, the defection rate reached a staggering 1260% (Lei Feng network Xiaobian is not wrong, you are not wrong). The clerk looked at the customer walked into the bookstore, find the book you want to read a book, go home to buy e-books. The prospect of paper books worrying, bookstores struggling to survive, worried that their business will be e-books eroded.

"e-book showed a rocket development," the book industry study group of the former executive director of LenVlahos said, "everyone thinks we are using digital music mode to make electronic books."

however blowout type development trend of e-books and can not be copied digital music brilliant. Although analysts predict that sales of e-books in 2015 will exceed that of paper books, this is not the case. On the contrary, e-book growth is not the same.

imitate Netflix and Pandora streaming media operation mode, a series of book subscription service companies came into being, and in the annihilation in the tide of development. Because of the popularity of tablet PCs and smart phones, dedicated electronic reading equipment sales have been worse than before.

and on the other side, even by the economic recession and the Amazon and other competitors to suppress, the printing industry still has a strong signs of recovery. The American Booksellers Association statistics, 5 years ago (2010) 1410 bookstores in 1660 regions, in this year, with 1712 in 2227 places.

"books, electronic stability is a good news for us," the American Booksellers Association CEOOrenTeicher said, "this is conducive to the healthy development of independent bookstores."

publishers will be a lot of money into infrastructure and distribution, last year, Hachette publishing group bought a Indiana area of 20252 square meters, as a distribution warehouse. And Simon, New Jersey expanded the 20 thousand square meters of the base of the distribution of. Penguin blue