Hefei old Chen Jiejiu beverage business do make millions of years

hangover drinks in recent years started to enter public life, and began to rapidly popular, so many investors do hangover drink business success, Anhui old Chen Hefei is a bright example, as do the wine business, he set sales to make millions of the years.

Old Chen

Before the

in a week’s efforts, two people got a valuable market results. Yang took the samples to run the market, surprisingly found in the hotel, restaurant and entertainment daily entertainment, drinking party people be too numerous to enumerate which nearly 90% of people, will appear dizziness, nausea, vomiting after drinking, but the survey shows that sweet music after the hangover drinks customers have said there is no longer stomach fire. The feeling after drinking, people with a strong constitution effect is more obvious. Stock traders who have said that almost all consumers are beginning to look forward to everywhere hangover drinks, to solve their possible period of want or need.

and the old Chen found that now Chinese market there are other hangover drinks, but with sweet music compared is not the lack of pure natural taste, is not good enough, there are other such as fashion, generous enough capacity shortage, after comparing various aspects, more determined to join them to speed up the music of Gansu idea.