Zero venture triggered a nationwide entrepreneurial boom

belongs to a mass of entrepreneurship and innovation in the era now, at the same time under such a background, entrepreneurship is attracting more and more attention in recent days, the unified keep drinking the four seasons launched the "zero venture, is non pear" activities, in order to attract entrepreneurs to participate.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the call, in order to boost the development of the times, this event for the University students. And the combination of the main street network and the graduating student job network, as well as the University Forum to help college students to achieve entrepreneurial dream.

the "zero" of this venture, "pears belong to" activity "selling point" is a unified keep drinking the four seasons provided free of venture capital — 10 thousand pounds of Dangshan pear. Login unified drink four seasons official website to participate in entrepreneurial competition, submit your business plan, but also to win 20 thousand yuan venture capital. Proceeds from selling pears are owned by individual participants. Low threshold, high security, the real realization of zero venture!

It is reported that the

, entrepreneurial activities not limited means, not limited to, as long as you have an idea, have enough creative and energetic entrepreneurial thinking, you can easily win the first gold. During the event, the reunification of the four seasons will also support the support of many media resources, the best business plan to maximize the dissemination and reporting.

"standing on the air, pigs can fly". Unity of the four seasons of drinking zero entrepreneurial activities,  , no doubt for college students entrepreneurial dream wings.


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