Shop to do business to pay attention to each consumer groups

buy a large amount of customers at a time, many of the staff will be very fond of, for those who buy small or not to buy the customer, many assistants will be dissatisfied with the performance in the face. One day, the store came to an old woman, followed by three children, the clerk was very enthusiastic to take them in the region to browse, and smile to introduce them to the function of the goods, models, prices. Unexpectedly, shopping for a long time, the grandmother did not buy anything. Wasted time, the clerk was very unhappy, whispered a complaint to the old lady. The old grandma quarreled with the clerk he’s really not letting this go, and the effect is not good.

that old woman I know, live in the village. Son and daughter working in the field, three young children were left at home, by the elderly care. That day, she took three children to the store to buy a cheap instant noodles. Prior to this, she went to a lot of shops did not buy. Later, she heard that my store products, reasonable price, they brought the child to the. Who knows the clerk to introduce to all without the old grandmother to buy products in place. Understand the details, I criticized the simple and crude, carrying two bags of candy, personally come to apologize, the old man’s understanding.

through this matter, I adjusted the purchase channels and purchase plan, increase the types of goods for each consumer groups, and according to the different groups of product classification. At the same time, I also designed for the needs of customers with cheap goods in the area of cheap goods. Customers choose a larger space, there will not be able to buy the product of the embarrassing situation.

taking into account the more left behind children in these customers, I increase the corresponding goods at the same time, put on a variety of books and catalogs. This part of the book is most of my lease and subscription at their own expense, customers can sit in the store to read, you can also take home to see. By increasing the reading space, the store’s customers have increased significantly.

we are in the pursuit of high volumes of goods at the same time, do not forget that there are some vulnerable groups, they may need our close care and sincere service. Of course, the increase of cheap goods, is not "cut into the basket are food, and do not pay attention to the quality of products. Cheap goods not junk goods, we need good quality, and resolutely eliminate substandard products into the store, to provide real cheap, Wumart full amount of goods to consumers.

is because of the importance of each consumer groups, coupled with such a change, so that my shop customers more widely. Later, the old lady finally in my shop to buy the heart of the goods. She is not only my old customer, but also recommended a lot of people come to spend. These customers have become loyal customers in my store. Later, my shop can turn gorgeous, become our local star shop, there is a credit to the grandmother.