The cost of joining jade wonton


catering business giants contains a huge wealth of business opportunities, so many years of operation but also many well-known food brands surfaced, for example Roasted Duck circles Beijing Roast Duck, Hot pot world sea fishing, snacks circle Jade mouth ravioli chaos, these are polished by time evolved into the now well-known restaurant brand. Jade wonton after years of accumulation of R & D, have their own unique brand, the Jade Jade mouth mouth under the wonton wonton shop to join, Qingdao special snack training, special snack stores and other projects, the wonton brands continue to expand to all areas, so that more customers can enjoy the unique taste of jade wonton. The existing store selling a variety of flavors of wonton, a number of varieties of products. Love Jade mouth wonton customers can go directly to the store dining, jade wonton shop will be high quality service, customer satisfaction.

jade wonton purchasing German "Metro" stores high-quality meat, peanut oil with fresh oil, the company designated by the factory, every month is pressing a guarantee of peanut oil, pure peanut oil flavor products, the use of "jinmailang flour purchasing" quality of flour, ensure the products sweet and chewy. And has a professional R & D team and product quality monitoring and testing departments, the implementation of product development and quality control, to ensure that the unique taste of the product, to win the majority of consumers’ reputation and trust. So how much does it cost to join the brand?

jade wonton joining fee details

join is divided into the following two cases:

first, venture

business area: 100 square meters within

franchise fee: 10 thousand

suitable for the crowd: college students; relatively weak capital investors; no entrepreneurial experience investors.

advantage: for college students or no entrepreneurial experience, as well as relatively weak capital investors, venture shop is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice.

1. venture shop to join the threshold is low, the relatively low cost of joining the shop rent and will not bring too much pressure on investors in the early stages of entrepreneurship.

2. due to the unified supply system, a large number of purchase can buy good quality goods, and common procurement unified distribution brought by the purchase cost reduction, far more than the amount to pay for the use of the headquarters catering to join. The business shop store business area is small, small amount, so can not form a unified supply cost advantage, so the franchise has a large number of procurement advantages, save the purchasing cost.

3. Join the venture store