Ningbo 896 college students cultivate talent pool

the current Internet domain most in need of entrepreneurial talent electricity supplier, but there are also disjointed phenomenon between universities and society, talent is not market enterprises need the university talents training and Chinese entrepreneurial talent also needs to be improved.

"as a marketing staff, to analyze the potential demand of customers, the customer does not cooperate, learn hard and soft." The evening of November 25th, Haishu District 896 entrepreneurship Park lights, 40 from the Ningbo Institute of education, students are still learning marketing knowledge, this is a training camp in Haishu for the delivery of e-commerce talent and build.

is a talent serious shortage of stock, on the other hand, the employment difficulties of college graduates, but also unable to meet the actual needs of the business enterprise. "We are the school and business enterprise of the middle bridge, let students only theoretical knowledge in the enterprise before they acquired a combat skills, help enterprise graduates to work immediately." 896 college students entrepreneurship Park of Haishu district should be responsible for Group Wei told reporters, the 896 main business park for entrepreneurs to provide training and guidance, information exchange, marketing and other services, they opened the entrepreneurship training camp is the soldier of intensive, large-scale training of personnel.

it is reported that every college student will learn 3 months professional training activities in the training camp, "outstanding students we will give priority to the enterprises recommend employment, entrepreneurial intentions, students can also in the park, we will provide a series of help." Qun Wei said that the hope that through such a model, to break the constraints of the upgrading of small and medium enterprises, the bottleneck of the transition is difficult – lack of talent. At the same time, it will give more and more small and medium-sized enterprises in the "Internet plus" era to provide more development options.

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