New policy of small and micro enterprises

always pay attention to entrepreneurship policy, to seek a new way of survival. In the competitive market, how can some small businesses survive? Concerned about current affairs policy, so you better grasp the lifeblood of the times, better business.

in July this year, the State Council executive meeting decided that from August 1st onwards, the Small and micro businesses monthly sales or turnover of not more than 20 thousand yuan of small-scale VAT taxpayers and business taxpayers, temporarily exempt from value-added tax and business tax, specific to the implementation of this policy, the announcement is clear, "the monthly sales or the turnover of not more than 20 thousand yuan" contains "the monthly sales or turnover of 20 thousand yuan".

the taxpayer belongs to the tax payer, and belongs to the taxpayers of the business tax, notice that the units of the small-scale VAT taxpayers of enterprise and non enterprise, run sales tax taxable items, should be accounted for separately VAT taxable sales and Business Tax Taxable Items turnover.

attention to start a new policy, pay attention to the development of venture investment industry, entrepreneurial process, don’t put himself in the narrow world, we should always pay attention to what’s happening around you, concerned about some of the new policy, as the saying goes: to fight the enemy! Understanding of national policies, insight into the industry lifeline.