How to style KTV stores to improve the strength of the software

style KTV stores need to do their own work, improve the competitive advantage, can attract more attention to the franchisee. The hardware is better, should be attractive, at the same time, the software services have to keep up, otherwise, it is difficult to form a strong comprehensive strength, it needs to pay attention to what? Come and see.

discount type KTV stores must first have a VOD system, can be considered as the object, but when the choice should pay attention to some of the elements, the first is to have a system to ensure the operation will not crash; especially the song request is very high, the general back singing is the pursuit of fashion one song update schedule, which is to attract customers capital.

1.KTV is a service industry, good management can reduce costs and increase revenue. If the customer visits, service personnel ignore, live warm enough, may dispel the enthusiasm of customers, or customer mood indirectly, so it cannot attract more customers will lose repeat. So as to human nature as the starting point, let the guests have Guests feel at home. feeling.

2. to reduce the number of services, reduce costs.

3. to improve the efficiency of the manager for centralized management, stratified charge, personnel training, retraining, on-the-job training, elimination system is necessary.

4. employee cohesion centripetal force: employees in the first line, the most understanding of customer needs, the most direct customer satisfaction, let the staff take pride in their company, dedicated to customer service. Can be used to reward and punishment system.

Apart from the above

, there is KTV for the entire marketing planning, there is no market marketing.

(3) bypass supplier: long-term close cooperation with wine suppliers, do more promotions, drive sales, but also the use of supplier’s advertising the store also advertised.

discount type KTV stores management need to spend a lot of thought. Now do a good job is also the focus of service providers need to focus. Otherwise, customer complaints, or expressed dissatisfaction with the evaluation recommended to the shop