After the inventory can bring new vitality to store operation

holiday promotions, although each store would want to have, however, not every owner can be very good grasp of holiday sales opportunities, can accurately predict the festival, the festival has caused inventory pressure phenomenon is very common. The festival will also become the inventory of how to eliminate many shopkeepers a heart pressure. In fact, if you can make good use of these holiday inventory, will bring more vitality to the store business.

After the festival of

fast selling, we have a large number of cigarettes in the supermarket, due to the full range of reserves and reserves, so there will be a lot of different surplus and backlog. In the past I have to face these back and can not afford to retire, sell and not very popular "cigarettes" made anxious, but now, these excess cigarettes had become a "problem" is not a problem, even will bring new opportunities to the US after the operation.

Mid Autumn Festival, after the national day, retail sales of goods, into a relatively cool season, although cold, but it is not entirely without customers to buy things. In order to attract the consumers, during the festival, I will make some commercial promotions, such as "we tried to buy wine to send smoke", is the customer to purchase cigarettes do not take the initiative based on the idea of we let passive means to buy.

as long as customers buy a box of wine in our supermarket, we will be based on the value and the number of profits, to give them the value of different levels of "library" cigarettes. On the face of it, this is a loss of a single product of cigarettes, but the overall sales are still profitable, but also for the supermarket in the cold season, adding a few lively popularity.

backlog of excess cigarettes have a characteristic, a considerable part of the field of cigarettes and new cigarettes. These are our holiday in order to seize market share, for some consumers, while local wandering and returning to visit relatives and friends of the foreign guest to. Because it is difficult to grasp the number of these dynamic flow of people and the ability to purchase, the emergence of excess and backlog is not enough to blame.

Mid Autumn Festival and national day after day and the Spring Festival will come to a new round of sales peak arrival, good management, reinforce the foreshadowing sales basis, I will use these foreign cigarettes and tobacco products, according to grade level, the potential size of different customers to shopping. In order to win customers, improve customer relations.

due to the general sent objects are shopping ability of the consumer, so once they taste our gift of cigarettes, is very likely to find some unknown highlights, which agree with and love we push this brand of cigarettes. What is more, it is necessary to order dozens of cigarettes on the spot, I have encountered several times.

After the formation of the

inventory, this is.