Woman opened a hot pot shop to earn nearly one million

now the development of the food and beverage industry has emerged a lot of brands, you want to develop your career in the food and beverage market is to find a good faith to join the project. As we all know, the big boss is Hot pot catering market, various characteristics of Hot pot shops throughout the high streets and back lanes are welcomed by consumers, all kinds of flavor and favor, bring a lot of business opportunities for the market, then open the Hot pot shop has also become entrepreneurs of the small investment project.

1994 has laid off Zhang Lingli, never idle. She said, he has been living in the business circles, always trapped in a difficult situation to make ends meet, but now I am free, now, Hot pot shops on the upgrade, from last August to July of this year, operating income reached 1 million 450 thousand yuan.

2001 – 2003, she engaged in the domestic industry. In the meantime, a friend recommended to her to open a hot pot restaurant, after three months of investigation, she decided to gamble! She poured home 100 thousand yuan savings, home mortgage loans 200 thousand yuan, to parents borrowed 250 thousand yuan, with about 400 square meters in the upstairs store Holford lane.