Zhengzhou electric car brand to achieve it

in our daily life, the electric car is a basic means of transport, to provide a great convenience for our trip, China electric car number is difficult to statistics, almost every family has a modern household products. Reporters learned that, after the approval of the legislative plan in 2016, Zhengzhou, Luoyang two cities due to the development of non motor vehicle management regulations lack of feasibility, it is recommended that the "two regulations" for the research project. Then, Zhengzhou electric car brand to achieve? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

yesterday, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, two cities to develop non mobile management regulations approved.

Prior to this, the city of Zhengzhou electric car "rules", has been the focus of social concern. So far, the city of Zhengzhou for non motor vehicle management legislation, once again pressed the pause button.

it is reported that, in accordance with the original plan at the beginning of Zhengzhou, the first in the form of government regulations, the initial specification of non motor vehicle management, and then through the NPC legislation, rose to the height of the legislation to strengthen.

exit the legislative plan, breaking the original rhythm, the future of Zhengzhou will introduce government regulations to promote the management of non motor vehicles?

in this regard, Zhengzhou Municipal Government Affairs Office of the director of supervision department said that at present no news, city leaders decided to promote the need.


for two consecutive years, Zhengzhou electric car legislation failed

electric car legislation, after two years of brewing in Zhengzhou, once again abortion".

2015 in April, the general office of the Zhengzhou municipal government issued a notice, announced the "2015 annual legislative plan" of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s government, Zhengzhou is expected to introduce the "non motor vehicle management measures" Zhengzhou City, non motor vehicle management law. But unfortunately, there is no echo.

2016 in June 28th, the fourteen Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the nineteenth meeting of news release, "Zhengzhou city electric bicycles, motorized wheelchair disabled management measures" included in the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Congress 2016 legislative plan. This time, once again stranded".


provincial level for electric vehicle legislation difficult

non motor vehicle management, not just Zhengzhou and Luoyang puzzled.

2011 in October, the provincial public security department said, in conjunction with the Department of industry and Commerce Recommendation