To open a noodle shop to feature any good business skills

is a unique, innovative delicacy is now has been well received by consumers, especially the characteristics of noodle stores is the preferred business a lot of entrepreneurs, but also a lot of consumers preferred delicacy characteristic Noodle Eating, therefore has a characteristic noodle tremendous development opportunities in the market, want to operate better, get more revenue from, to better grasp the corresponding management skills:

1, miuccia. Can not hire people try not to hire, can reduce costs, and make their own direct contact with customer, understand customer needs, timely on their work, to improve services, can narrow the distance with the guest and gradually establish a relationship between friends.

2, improve health status. The store clean, wash again, let the shop clean and refreshing to give people a new look, opened a new restaurant feeling.

3, put the stove on the door. Let passers-by to see the store chef to and fro, reeky, create a lively, prosperous, and convenient passing regards and greeting guests.

4, take away. The customer sends the food directly to the guest’s office, store, home.

5, dress etiquette. The new occupation, enthusiasm for people polite, refined and cultured, refined and courteous. Because the early spent too much money, and now the change can only be a simple change in low input. But be sure to stick to it, and do it from the bottom of your heart.

6, strengthen sales. When it comes to strengthen sales, is one of the most important skills is the key feature of noodle shop business skill in.

is now the investment entrepreneurs, open characteristics of a noodle shop, except for a few points above, or choose the most important to a noodle shop to join the project, choose a suitable noodle shop to join the project. Join is a trustworthy business project to recommend Miss Dong noodle story.