n 2015 more than gold entrepreneurial projects you choose

2015 has been in the past half, at this time you want to start a business is to identify the suction gold project, with strong suction gold strength of entrepreneurial projects which? Xiao Bian identified a number of potential business options for your reference.

Analysis of

dance hall?

1) business field so close to the center of the downtown area as well; 2) business field so street as well; 3) cultural environment better around the place of business; 4) not contrary to location of business with the local government of city planning; 5) the place of business area is not too small.

summer drink tonic: from Hainan, the red dates, barley, mung bean, taro, watermelon, quail egg, etc. Glutinous Rice Balls cooked, mixed with coconut juice or syrup mixed into a drink, not only refreshing, sweet and refreshing, and fire. Cost 0.5 yuan / bowl, priced at 2~3 yuan / bowl, gross margin 300%~500%.