How do the cold noodle business

catering project is entrepreneurship gold project, cold noodle restaurant industry is a low cost and high profit is the traditional snack items, widely welcomed by the people, there are a lot of people like the country, especially female friends.

management mainly includes two modes: cold noodle shop, shop affordable level, investment management pattern is different in different.

two, small investment, quick recovery: the management of equipment and manpower not cold noodle too much invested, and the franchise fee is very low, you can put a thousand dollars to realize their entrepreneurial dreams boss.

three, flexible operation, high profits: cold noodle can flow management, can store management.

four, product highlights four points: band "," thin "," fine "," Rang "is full of sweet cold noodle characteristics, tendons, is chewy and chewy;" thin ", said steamed thin;" fine ", is said to cut fine;" Rang "that is to say soft.

a different business shop investment is different: minor, not how much money, according to your financial situation, buy a knife, buy a few bottles of canned board two dishes box can also shop, investment should also have thousands of yuan can start. To say that when the business to do business, it is necessary to consider the full range of investment is relatively large (can accommodate thirty people dining at the same time the hotel about the monthly rent of 1 ~ 20 thousand, plus a total investment of staff salaries have also been ~ ~ ~ 100 thousand).

three different projects have different considerations: you should also consider this kind of food is a hot day, it will have a lot of people, like the late autumn and early spring and the winter is not too many guests, what do you do at this time so you can think of? Look, not only engaged in something else "China cold noodle, with fast food" (do snacks such as mutton, spicy, breakfast, cake, fried chicken, box lunch and other snacks).

for the selection of cold noodle business entrepreneurs, this project has a good potential for development, so a lot of people on the market are choosing to start cold noodle business. Entrepreneurship should be considered, since the choice of a cold noodle shop, you need to accurately grasp the source, you are in the business of these.