Fujian four units selected national small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base in Quanzhou acc

Fujian high tech industry development in Quanzhou, a lot of scientific and technological innovation enterprises stationed. The day before, the two Quanzhou entrepreneurial base selected for the first national Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base list, further confirmed the potential in Quanzhou.

it is reported that the source and 1916 Creative Industry Park currently settled a total of about 150 enterprises, of which Small and micro businesses 123, accounting for 82% of the total number of enterprises. The first three quarters of 2015 and 1916 creative industry park enterprises settled a tax of nearly 20 million yuan (including overseas Chinese group sponsored tax 12 million 320 thousand yuan). The electronic information industry incubation base in construction of the "base" of the core national digital radio industry as the goal, more than and 30 digital radio enterprises currently assigned to have formed the initial aggregation effect, form more than and 10 aspects covering software development, terminal solutions, the assembly of digital radio industry chain.

The small micro enterprise development trend at present Chinese

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