Novice how to open the video game store

game such a special industry, because people’s demand increases, so that the market is more broad, but also to attract a lot of entrepreneurs. For this reason, the video game industry has been very popular with the attention of entrepreneurs, people have also expressed the desire to open a video game shop, but the gaming industry still has a lot of questions. However, many entrepreneurs are new, then, how to open a new video game shop?

first, if you are a non game player, then, first of all you need to know about the game, know the industry in the end is what, at this stage, the main product is not complicated, except for a few large host is a wide variety of accessories and software.

then, you need to love the game, familiar words, do you love, when you really love when an industry, you can understand more thoroughly and deeply, also can better understand the needs of customers, to grasp the customer’s psychology, and falling in love with video games the best way is to become a game player buy, play games, game machines, and see all kinds of magazines, news, communication and game player, into the industry slowly.

if you are a player or have become a player through your own understanding, then you have to learn how to shop. First, you should prepare a sum of investment funds, to count to 20 square meters of shops, the purchase of about 50 thousand yuan, including the host, television and various accessories, CDs and so on.


will probably invest 1 cabinet decoration and so on, 20 thousand yuan, the next is to find a good location, including the location of the computer city, around the school, which is also related to the rent and transfer fees, keep working capital, some overall, about 100 thousand will be able to open up in the store.

next, you have to contact the source and shop promotion, supply channels and the propaganda method on the lot, not one by one example, concrete can be found in "video store business plan", a very detailed introduction, and even a variety of business skill methods, common problems and so on, is the video store business guidance scheme currently the most authoritative.

finally bring you a video store overall revenue, gross for the maintenance of > accessories; > host, generally speaking, the host profit is very low, of course, does not rule out a lot of business opportunities through the renovation of profitability, in fact this is also the SONY game makers in similar circumstances, the host is profit low, therefore, rely mainly on accessories for profit, but in general, game player will buy some accessories in the purchase of the host at the same time, and will buy long-term follow-up products here, in which businesses will be profitable.

of course, the maintenance is more as a final means of your profit, because the current professional game repair master is still very small, so once