Minxian rural women’s Liberation Thought in Dingxi

many rural women in order to take care of the family, can not go out to work, not income, resulting in a waste of labor. In the management of activities under the encouragement of rural women with new development opportunities and can work at home, can increase income.

Minxian in all business activities, pay attention to the women’s "half the sky" effect, and actively carry out women’s "Shuangxue Shuangbi" entrepreneurial activities. To guide the rural women to adjust the industrial structure of agriculture, and to develop the characteristic agriculture dominated by sunlight greenhouse and facility breeding. By the way, the typical training form, the majority of rural women’s organizations to all areas of planting, breeding, processing and sales of production.

venture a move that many rural women achieve the value of life, not only have the material to meet get mental satisfaction, fully contributed to the economic development in rural areas, is an important part of Chinese economic construction.

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