Chinese tourists in the Thai buffet buffet eat shrimp eat shrimp but can not be wasted

Chinese people often go abroad to black, which came back to Thailand to visit the same Chinese tourists black. Eat buffet crazy shrimp in Thailand shovel, normal consumption is not enough to eat what ah! But it’s not good to waste food!


Thailand users to share video


LemonTree1006: the actual situation is like this, did not eat is, is robbed. Here we really to the tourism realm, just to solve the food problem, education can not keep up, then what is the use of money, where is it

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I Menzerna 666: if tourism is just to show off their wealth of shame, or stay at home.

_ crayon Zhang: the quality of people also need a long way to go.

miracle in Shanghai: go to Thailand tour when seeing ifheavier.



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