The development of the wedding industry to promote the progress of the home industry

every day there will be new people into the marriage hall, there will be a large number of new couples on holidays. The invisible development of the wedding industry has also led to the progress of the home industry. Because marriage needs new houses, new houses need to be renovated, so there is a very close relationship between the two.

by the traditional folk custom, the wedding market is unusually hot this year. According to statistics, only 51 golden week sales of home building materials market than last year, an increase of 30%. China Social Work Association, the history of the wedding industry committee Corelle guess, this year, the cost of marriage in Beijing, a conservative estimate of more than 3 billion yuan.

huge "wedding cake" to bring unlimited business opportunities in many industries, is one of the new premises decoration directly benefit the industry, according to the person in charge of the store outside the city, 51 golden week sales record record over the same period.

The huge wedding economy faces

, strength of businesses that building materials market share Home Furnishing facing reshuffle, competition is the basis of product competition, service is the key. The major theme of the promotional activities have been introduced, with the consumer’s own consumption capacity of the outbreak, greatly stimulated the stage of the consumer boom.

The development of

now the wedding industry, also is the great progress of Home Furnishing industry. Choose these two industry investment, will be your venture capital to make a good project. These two projects contain unlimited business opportunities, seize the opportunity to make your business easier to become rich.