National husband Wang Sicong gaming Empire

this year Wang Sicong is bursting with popularity of entertainment news "regulars", many people think that Wang Sicong is nothing but a grasp of a lot of rich men’s sons but his entrepreneurial ability, should not be overlooked, entrepreneurial ambitions is not small.

hero is Chinese Mobile Games mutual entertainment group, the former president should book Ling Ren COO China Mobile Games positions in the speech created by Mobile Games company, is also the main board and gem only a flagship mobile gaming company concept, we can find that in gaming as the core layout of the Wang Sicong front began to extend to the mobile terminal.

and now mobile content more and more appear in the broadcast platform, like "my world", "vanity", "hearthstone legend", these contents become explosive benefits, one can bring the difference of the content of the new play, a more Mobile Games anchor were associated with the group to play Mobile Games people grow up, is its unique resources.

so Wang Sicong of the investment, the equivalent of a long-term risk investment, in addition to bet on the future of good live gaming content, will be born in Mobile Games, also for the cultivation of new era anchor first step.


as Wang Sicong founded the investment company, MIPs capital over the past 3 years has invested nearly 20 enterprises, of which two game funny game and wandering holding companies have been listed in the enterprise, there are more than 10 times the rate of return on investment company.

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