What is the ideal difficulty

don’t say small arrogance, this sentence is not small said, it comes from our Baidu founder, said "the ideal let difficulties become less important, therefore, as long as you have ideal, have a heart to win, and to work hard, then you will be able to overcome the difficulties. Create a great cause!

9 on the evening of 13 August, Baidu founder Robin Li appeared at the Beijing Aerospace University and from the computer, software and other professional students to engage in dialogue, is the night, the technical colleges because of a technology leader coming and added many vivid. Originally only accommodate 800 people entered the venue more than 1 thousand, corridor and door full listen to the whole field of "Shi", there is even a student up nearly 3 meters long scroll, the Baidu campus recruitment slogan to give Robin Li – "Robin, see your light"…… "For a long time my classmates and I look forward to is the same," President Huai Jinpeng said happily, "in 60 years when the celebration had the honor to invite Robin Li to northern auditorium, the Baidu Inc’s technology innovation and development, facing the challenge of wisdom and tolerance, let me very much."

Robin Li is looking forward to the students through the cultivation of independent thinking and judgment of this, find the direction and value innovation for themselves. He even as an incentive to the highest award Baidu platform, "even if it is not Baidu employees, but the northern students who do good stuff, I can also give a >