Xining slow system plans to open in June

Contains the construction of Xining City slow system, city bike lanes and city green road three modules has been completed construction of the pedestrian city planning, the city’s key projects are submitted for approval; a Nanchuan district reform this year has completed an investment of 100 million yuan…… In April 13th, the reporter learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission was informed that the resumption of work 330 has opened my 775 investment plan of construction project implementation this year, opening rate of 42.6%, the city’s corner has set off the climax of the construction project.

as well in 2015 the city’s key construction projects on schedule to restart construction, the municipal development and Reform Commission jointly with the office of the municipal key Nanchuan area reconstruction and Menyuan Road area reconstruction, the central square of the North expansion 101 a key construction project by inverted construction; Xining City slow system, Xiangtang road engineering, South Road affordable housing supporting infrastructure 120 B projects conducted by the inspection. To further strengthen the project preparatory work to the relevant units, to speed up the progress of implementation of spring season. Currently, a class of key construction projects have been resumed 55, B class key construction projects have been opened to return to work for the 66.