Xining City West District Hing sea street actively create six Huang series

The West District of Xining city

Xing Hai Lu area adjacent to the provincial capital Xining’s mother river Huangshui, has always been a continuation of the important cultural heritage of Hehuang area. Xinghai Street Party committee actively reflect geographical features, through the seasons of the year "" Huang shore spring "," theatrical performances "Huang Bin neighborly" Street Culture Festival "," neighbor "the memory" Jinqiu "," Yi tracing Tour "Huang sound local opera appreciation" tea party "four big theme plate organize activities, recording the" Huang "," actively build wind rhyme verse Huang wall "traditional cultural landmarks such as the" six Huang "series of activities.

Xing Hai Lu set up public street painting and Calligraphy Association, photography salon, local folk clubs, performing arts groups, such as drama amateur team culture, constructing harmonious culture theme practice activities, clear the "Ju" and "street" cultural pattern. With the help of the community, the local characteristic culture, with the festival culture, the square culture, the enterprise culture, the organization culture, the courtyard culture and the family culture, is permeated with each other, forming the fashion. Today, the "six Huang series" platform to build and perfect festivals and cultural activities; hospital building community cultural activities, cultural performances and street blossom everywhere; the street neighbor Culture Festival, autumn tracing tour, Yue opera appreciation has become known to every family cultural feast. The street hosted the "Qingming nostalgia", "red May" mountaineering activities, "fragrant dumplings Gengnongsituation" Dragon Boat Festival "81" migrant workers condolences activities, support and community sponsored "warm Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits", "happy lantern show", "June six", "the Qixi Festival residents garden party," cool "movie to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival" and "six story series Huang" echoes, the formation of ordered mass cultural activities chain, culture of the masses and rain spread to the masses of people’s heart. (author: Zhang Xiang)