Well Lane Primary School good learning to do a good virtue

A few years ago, a group of children carried shovels and planted two young trees on campus. Under the care of the children, the young trees grow and grow taller. In this way, day by day, and the harvest season. September campus fruit fragrance, pear tree surrounded by smiling faces. Children carefully removed the pears, wash clean, the first pear dedicated to their parents, second pears dedicated to the teacher, the third pears and small partners to share…… The ancient Kong Rong story, this is "Thanksgiving harvest, the taste of happiness" pear, pear, pear picking goods activities. In the Lane Primary School, cherish life, learn to live, love life, Sansheng Education, has long been the soul of school education. In this concept of education, which was founded in 1960, has gone through 52 years of wind and rain of the school, out of a distinctive, standardized way of education, opened a new chapter in school education. Reporter Fan Chengcheng Peng Nawen / Renyilizhi letter, construction of water small famous educator Ye Shengtao said, education to simple terms that, only a word, is to develop good habits. Wells Lane Primary School has always been convinced that the formation of good habits, is an important condition for the child after success, but also to promote the condition of children’s intelligence, ability and physical and mental health of all-round development. Therefore, according to the idea of children in the immature state, cognitive ability and the ability to identify weak, poor self-control, but plasticity force, strong imitation, the school will be "good learning virtue" and the concept of "Renyilizhi letter" as the criterion is used to teach children to "love baby" "thank you baby" "filial piety" baby "good baby" baby "activity". The students in the music class students in the classroom speech assembly robot in July 2011, wells Lane Primary School charity house "was officially launched. "Good house" is Chinese Youth Volunteer Association, China welfare fund co sponsored, relying on urban and rural migrant children in primary and secondary schools are concentrated, construction of migrant children caring volunteer service demonstration base. Every Thursday afternoon, volunteers into the "good home" to interact with children; the new semester, volunteers brought new learning stationery, inspirational books; Children’s Day, volunteers and children happy, heavy love let children gain warmth and love. Two years later, in the Water Lane elementary school, care for children left behind is not just a slogan, but the formation of a long-term mechanism. Under the infection of the school, "the heart of love" is planted into the hearts of children. Benevolence "good house" make a love baby ancient "mother line, wandering clothing", this is the well Lane Primary School "day egg protection" activities. This is the "cherish life" as the main line, to experience the family, learn to be grateful for the theme of activities. Whether it is class, play, eat or sleep, the children will be "egg baby" on the body, for it to sing, tell stories, take it to the sun, it has a plus. A child in the egg sharing card, wrote: "life seems strong, in fact, very fragile. Just like an egg, it doesn’t break it with a lot of energy, but if it’s just a little bit, it’s broken. It makes me understand;