Regulation of public health in Xining

The reporter learned from the provincial health department, according to the Department requirements, in August, the city health inspection agencies at all levels to carry out all kinds of public health special rectification work, check all kinds of public places more than 1200 households, ordered 54 units to 3 units of rectification, rectification, fines 7, fined 15000 yuan, health management to effectively regulate the status of public places in our city.

to strengthen public health supervision and management of our city, to reduce infectious diseases through public communication opportunities, protect the health of consumers, the city health inspection agencies at all levels to carry out the special rectification work. Through the inspection found that 34 units of employees health certificate insufficiency; 6 unit does not meet the requirements of cleaning and disinfection facilities, the use of 7 unit supplies disinfection unqualified; use of central air conditioning units in most public places did not carry out cleaning and disinfection work. Aiming at the existing problems of health law enforcement officers were put forward rectification opinions of employees did not obtain health certificates, shall be immediately removed from the job, and the deadline for health examination, obtain certificate before induction; the disinfection facilities, asked to suspend business, and ordered its immediate rectification, law enforcement officials from the health examination accepted. Can be opened. (author: Wang Zi)