The provincial government held a special meeting of human resources to accelerate the development of

March 31st, the provincial government held a special meeting to arrange to accelerate the development of cultural tourism in Gangcha County, the construction of demonstration sites. Vice governor Cheng Lihua attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out that the provincial government attaches great importance to the development of cultural undertakings, from a strategic and overall perspective, put forward the grand goal of building a cultural province, and the development of cultural industries as an important starting point transfer mode, adjust the structure, made a series of major decisions and plans, promote the integration of culture and tourism, sports, science and technology, commerce and industry, through the cultural tourism industry of the province integration and development demonstration building, mining folk cultural resources, promote the development of cultural industries, enrich and expand the tourism industry, cultural connotation, promoting local economic development, integration and development to explore ways to accumulate experience for the province’s cultural and tourism industry, the formation of mode promotion, can be copied, the typical demonstration and play the leading role.

meeting the requirements of the relevant regions and departments should deepen understanding, strengthen organizational leadership, give full play to the advantages of the characteristics of local culture and tourism resources, speeding up the cultural and artistic creation, optimization design of tourism route, effectively carry out publicity and promotion, the establishment of the "government support, trust management, market operation mechanism of operation and management, to ensure the orderly construction of the demonstration work effectively promote. At the same time, it is necessary to sum up the experience in a timely manner to actively carry out the work of replication and promotion.