Xining City District to carry out small and micro enterprises to help activities

in order to further implement the national and provincial, city of Xining to support small and micro enterprise development policies and measures, actively respond to the province the city about thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, adjusting the structure of the call, recently, the city district, careful preparation, meticulous planning, "the smooth development of enterprises, help steady growth, structural adjustment" activities to create conditions.

held the city to carry out to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment activities mobilization, and the development of the city on the development of helping enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment activities of the implementation of the program. In order to make aid activities more scientific and systematic, in combination with the provincial and municipal relevant "implementation plan", fully understand the area the actual business, repeatedly solicited the views of each unit on the set of "the town area for the" help enterprises, steady growth, adjusting the structure of the "implementation plan", a clear organizational refinement of the activities of institutions, procedures and corresponding work mechanism.

at the same time, enrich the work force. According to the "five Division of the working group in the implementation of the programme", respectively from the various departments deployed 30 high quality business, work style of the staff, led by the 5 district level leadership, helping to carry out activities into the enterprise. Active and provincial, municipal helping working group docking. Convened the provincial and district helping work meeting, joint research to determine a list of 41 companies first aid, and further enterprises to fully understand the basic situation of the enterprise, for enterprise needs and development difficulties, to carry out targeted aid, effectively solve the difficulties and problems existed in the development of the enterprise.