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bus is the city civilization window, not only affects people’s travel, but also affect the image of the city, directly related to the degree of civilization of summer in Xining. In recent years, the municipal government invested a lot of manpower and material resources, give priority to the development of public transport, efforts to improve public transport facilities, greatly improving the public travel environment. However, some bus lines can be further extended, unable to meet some people travel; some bus long time interval to the public; some buses in the crowded problem is the focus of the public concern.

citizen asked:

asked: some buses are difficult to wait, the car crowded.

two Q: some places no bus, residents travel difficult.

three Q: some unreasonable line arrangement, resulting in waste of resources.

reporter visited:

through an interview with reporters, in line 3, 16 Road, 18 road bus car before and after the interval is too long, or have to wait for about 30 minutes, and finally to the car compartment and crowded; or two or three cars, resulting in a waste of resources. In recent years, our city expansion. The implementation of the strategy of accelerating the pace, there’s a lot of bus line extension can not keep up with the pace of community development, including Kunlun Road, there are 5 large residential area, nearly a million people, but the residents here need to ride the unity bridge detour to 1 km away. Although the opening of the 36 bus line, but because the arrangement is not reasonable, leading to the bus at Kunlun road in the vicinity of the basic is free to return, resulting in a waste of resources. According to often take the 81 bus students reflect a day early in the evening of three nodes, 81 bus will not squeeze even squeeze down the phenomenon, sometimes people are still hanging from the door, the driver has to start the car danger. In addition, on the part of the aging of the vehicle, individual drivers uncivilized behavior is also the focus of public concern.

sector measures:

adjust the line to update the old car to crack the bus problem


Xining Bus Co., Ltd.

answer Leadership:

deputy general manager Yang Jiansheng

last year, the provincial and municipal government to give 30 million yuan of special funds to subsidize the vehicle, the municipal finance allocated by the central government to implement the reform of oil price subsidies 54 million yuan, the relevant government departments to coordinate the implementation of the bus company land compensation 16 million yuan, a total investment of public transportation vehicles update 100 million yuan of funds to purchase new bidding mode city bus 407, is the largest in the history of the city bus, the largest number of a vehicle replacement. On this basis, according to the municipal government, Municipal Bureau of transportation since the second half of 2012 will work with relevant departments, extensive investigation, careful calculation, study and formulate the adjustment and optimization of the city bus lines, and after consulting with experts, submitted to the municipal Party committee;