3 roads in the city is expected to open to traffic

The road east extension project as one of the most important project of the road network construction in Xining City, after two years of construction, the construction plan will be completed within this year, the transportation artery of Kaiyuan Road and it will constitute an east-west direction, effectively alleviate the traffic congestion in Xining City, alleviate the traffic pressure. At the same time, the other two city road reconstruction project of your South Road (bridge), the people and the road (bridge) also plans to build in the year.

Guoluo Road East extension:

to alleviate the traffic congestion in Xining

[a] when the engineering benefit of the new road will extend the Guoluo transportation artery appeared, it will with the Economic Development Zone Kaiyuan Road constitute an east-west direction, Xining city and other city primary and secondary roads series, improve city road network structure, effectively alleviate the traffic congestion in Xining.

[] as a result of the project construction progress along the span of the Huangshui River, crossing under the Lanqing railway, pay road, along the cross project, the geological condition is complex, difficult construction, the construction unit to overcome construction difficulties. As of now, the project has been completed across the Huangshui River Bridge, under the bridge you wear Lanqing railway box culvert and road wear under pay box culvert construction, drainage pipeline, sidewalk pavement and green plant construction and other construction tasks.

[] of your project benefit road (bridge) is completed, can solve the traffic problems along the road area especially in and around the affordable housing resettlement area, the area residents travel convenience, to further improve the city road network structure, ease urban traffic pressure within the.

[construction progress] as of now, the project has completed the bridge;